IHSWCA Team Rankings

  • genius

    Genius Ratings 1/20/2014

    Genius POTENTIAL is a score-based rating system that isolates your team’s true quality within the context of your schedule.  It is the exact system used by data analysts as the foundation...

  • ihswca

    IHSWCA Team Rankings 12/13

    3A Rankings 2A Rankings 1A Rankings 1. Perry Meridian 1. Yorktown 1. Adams Central 2. Bloomington South 2. Jimtown 2. Fremont 3. Franklin 3. Evansville Memorial 3. Churubusco 4. Penn 4....

  • ihswca

    IHSWCA Team Rankings 11/29

    PERRY MERIDIAN, EVANSVILLE MATER DEI TOP SECOND WRESTLING POLL– Defending state champion Perry Meridian and longtime powerhouse Evansville Mater Dei are ranked 1-2 in the second Indiana high school wrestling poll...

  • ihswca

    IHSWCA Preseason Rankings

    PERRY MERIDIAN TOPS FIRST STATE WRESTLING POLL Two-time defending state champion Perry Meridian is ranked No. 1 in the season’s first high school wrestling rankings. With many teams heading to their...

  • imrankings

    IHSWCA Team Rankings

    Overall Top 20 1. Perry Meridian 2. Crown Point 3. Evansville Mater Dei 4. Cathedral 5. Merillville 6. Roncalli 7. Elkhart Memorial 8. Penn 9. Franklin Community 10. Evansville Reitz 11....

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