ACAC Wrestling History

Here is a compilation of the individual and team champions for the Allen County Athletic Conference.

Individual Champions

197298John CoplenHomestead3 time Champion
1972105Tom SprungerAdams Central
1972112Gordon WalkerHomestead3 time Champion
1972119Dan ConnaughtyNorwell2 time Champion
1972126Tom ReusserCarroll
1972132Kelly DuncanNorwell
1972138Craig HissongWoodlan2 time Champion
1972145Dennis EhleWoodlan
1972155Joe MalfaitWoodlan
1972167Dave NahrwoldNorwell
1972185Kerry RuckmanWoodlan
1972HWTCharlie PottsHomestead
197398Mike JohnsonEastside
1973105John CoplenHomestead3 time Champion
1973112Gordon WalkerHomestead3 time Champion
1973119Dan ConnaughtyNorwell2 time Champion
1973126Jim RobyEastside
1973132Dave RodgersHomestead3 time Champion
1973138Stan HammondWoodlan
1973145Craig HissongWoodlan2 time Champion
1973155Lenny YearlingCarroll
1973167Scott FossWoodlan
1973177Mike PullenCarroll2 time Champion
1973185Barney DiceCarroll
1973HWTTim DiceCarroll2 time Champion
197498Scott CarpenterCarroll3 time Champion
1974105Mike EhleWoodlan
1974112John CoplenHomestead3 time Champion
1974119Gordon WalkerHomestead3 time Champion
1974126Ron WellsCarroll2 time Champion
1974132Chris HissongWoodlan
1974138Dave RodgersHomestead3 time Champion
1974145Mark MalfaitWoodlan
1974155Andy ReusserCarroll
1974167Gary MerrimanCarroll
1974177Mike PullenCarroll2 time Champion
1974185Glen PearsonCarroll
1974HWTTim DiceCarroll2 time Champion
197598Don HarterCarroll3 time Champion
1975105Scott CarpenterCarroll3 time Champion
1975112Dave BowersAdams Central
1975119Rick FiechterAdams Central
1975126Ron WellsCarroll2 time Champion
1975132Jim GremauxAdams Central
1975138Dave RodgersHomestead3 time Champion
1975145John GremauxAdams Central
1975155Dan MerrimanCarroll
1975167Tim RossEastside
1975177Al SpiceHomestead
1975185Tom JesionowskiAdams Central
1975HWTTony HelmannAdams Central
197698Don HarterCarroll3 time Champion
1976105Jim FeichterAdams Central2 time Champion
1976112Scott CarpenterCarroll3 time Champion
1976119tom OlingerCarroll
1976126Dave WellsWoodlan
1976132Tony TruaxCarroll
1976138Gary TimmermanCarroll2 time Champion
1976145Bill BranningCarroll
1976155Calvin HissongWoodlan
1976167Randy SmithWoodlan
1976177Randy RoemkeWoodlan2 time Champion
1976185Jack BertschAdams Central2 time Champion
1976HWTTony HeimannAdams Central
197798Troy ZimmermanAdams Central3 time Champion
1977105Don HarterCarroll3 time Champion
1977112Jim FeichterAdams Central2 time Champion
1977119Bret KalhamEastside
1977126Tim OlingerCarroll
1977132John FelgerCarroll
1977138Stu BrownCarroll2 time Champion
1977145Gary TimmermanCarroll2 time Champion
1977155Chris SchortgenCarroll
1977167Paul WilderAdams Central
1977177Randy RoemkeWoodlan2 time Champion
1977185Jack BertschAdams Central2 time Champion
1977HWTMark KrinnNorwell
197898Lynn FeichterAdams Central3 time Champion
1978105Tony GenthAdams Central2 time Champion
1978112Mike GremeauxAdams Central3 time Champion
1978119Troy ZimmermanAdams Central3 time Champion
1978126Dan rothCarroll
1978132Greg SteedNorwell
1978138Glen GerkeLeo
1978145Stu BrownCarroll2 time Champion
1978155Keith MalfaltWoodlan
1978167Scott SimpsonCarroll
1978177Tim LeggettChurubusco
1978185Leif NygardCarroll
1978HWTTom MurphyChurubusco
197998Lynn FeichterAdams Central3 time Champion
1979105Lenny HirschyAdams Central2 time Champion
1979112Tony GenthAdams Central2 time Champion
1979119Mike GremeauxAdams Central3 time Champion
1979126Brent WellsWoodlan
1979132Jim HatlenAdams Central
1979138Kris TimmermanCarroll2 time Champion
1979145Kurt BrernerWoodlan
1979155Kevin MerrimanCarroll4 time Champion
1979167Dean TimmermanCarroll
1979177Kevin RichAdams Central
1979185Phil SchaeferAdams Central
1979HWTDoug HelmannHeritage2 time Champion
198098Rick SchreiberCarroll
1980105Lenny HirschyAdams Central2 time Champion
1980112Lynn FeichterAdams Central3 time Champion
1980119Leroy StrikerAdams Central3 time Champion
1980126Tom OvermyerLeo2 time Champion
1980132Troy ZimmermanAdams Central3 time Champion
1980138Steve WerlingNorwell
1980145Kris TimmermanCarroll2 time Champion
1980155Kevin MerrimanCarroll4 time Champion
1980167Brad ShipeCarroll
1980177Jim JesionowskiAdams Central3 time Champion
1980185Doug HelmannHeritage2 time Champion
1980HWTMark NeuhouserLeo3 time Champion
198198Truques PoldermanNorwell
1981105Rick SchrelberCarroll
1981112Dan SchrelberCarroll2 time Champion
1981119Todd FellersAdams Central2 time Champion
1981126Mike GremeauxAdams Central3 time Champion
1981132Leroy StrikerAdams Central3 time Champion
1981138Andy OvermyerLeo
1981145Ted BargerAdams Central
1981155Matt GreigerLeo
1981167Kevin MerrimanCarroll4 time Champion
1981177Jim JesionowskiAdams Central3 time Champion
1981185Rod FryWoodlan
1981HWTMark NeuhouserLeo3 time Champion
198298Gary FisherLeo2 time Champion
1982105Lance LehmanAdams Central
1982112Kregg JonesChurubusco
1982119Dan SchrelberCarroll2 time Champion
1982126Todd FellersAdams Central2 time Champion
1982132Leroy StrikerAdams Central3 time Champion
1982138Mike BrownCarroll
1982145Tom OvermyerLeo2 time Champion
1982155Kurt DeLongNorwell
1982167Kevin MerrimanCarroll4 time Champion
1982177Rex HakeCarroll
1982185Jim JesionowskiAdams Central3 time Champion
1982HWTMark NeuhouserLeo3 time Champion
198398Lonnie ChamberlainAdams Central3 time Champion
1983105Mike SchmitzCarroll2 time Champion
1983112Troy RoeAdams Central4 time Champion
1983119Ray AshleyAdams Central
1983126Mike ConnettNorwell
1983132Mark ToarminaLeo2 time Champion
1983138Dary HirschyAdams Central
1983145Fred HelmannAdams Central
1983155John HellerAdams Central
1983167Doug KettlekampHeritage
1983177Ed EverettAdams Central
1983185Marc FaylorCarroll
1983HWTJim AllenWoodlan
198498Lonnie ChamberlainAdams Central3 time Champion
1984105Troy RoeAdams Central4 time Champion
1984112Gary FisherLeo2 time Champion
1984119Pete MagsamCarroll
1984126Mike McCullersLeo
1984132Mark ToarminaLeo2 time Champion
1984138Greg SnyderAdams Central2 time Champion
1984145Chad HissongWoodlan
1984155Darren SalmonsCarroll
1984167Keith PasswaterLeo2 time Champion
1984177Thor HodgesChurubusco
1984185Jeff BertschAdams Central
1984HWTPhil NeuhouserLeo
198598Lonnie ChamberlainAdams Central3 time Champion
1985105Troy RoeAdams Central4 time Champion
1985112Shane ReynoldsAdams Central2 time Champion
1985119Mike SchmitzCarroll2 time Champion
1985126Chad ReynoldsAdams Central
1985132Dave BakerNorwell
1985138Jess ZinkLeo2 time Champion
1985145Mark AshleyAdams Central
1985155Paul VoigtCarroll2 time Champion
1985167Keith PasswaterLeo2 time Champion
1985177Brad CoolmanLeo2 time Champion
1985185Doug SchultzAdams Central2 time Champion
1985HWTHal MyersWoodlan
198698Joe HurstAdams Central4 time Champion
1986105Shane ReynoldsAdams Central2 time Champion
1986112Troy RoeAdams Central4 time Champion
1986119Jim MarbachAdams Central4 time Champion
1986126Mike MeyerWoodlan2 time Champion
1986132Eric TuckerNorwell3 time Champion
1986138Greg SnyderAdams Central2 time Champion
1986145Jess ZinkLeo2 time Champion
1986155Jeff McCulloughAdams Central
1986167Brad FrederickLeo
1986177Doug SchultzAdams Central2 time Champion
1986185Brad CoolmanLeo2 time Champion
1986HWTChris VanLearHeritage
198798Joe HurstAdams Central4 time Champion
1987105Mark GriffithsAdams Central3 time Champion
1987112Jerry LothamerLeo2 time Champion
1987119Jim MarbachAdams Central4 time Champion
1987126Shane ParisotWoodlan
1987132Mike MeyerWoodlan2 time Champion
1987138Eric TuckerNorwell3 time Champion
1987145Dave RayHeritage
1987155Paul VoigtCarroll2 time Champion
1987167Dan GarmanCarroll
1987177James ZehrCarroll
1987185Jeff CarrollAdams Central2 time Champion
1987HWTJackie MonkCarroll
1988103Shawn LiterAdams Central2 time Champion
1988112Joe HurstAdams Central4 time Champion
1988119Jerry LothamerLeo2 time Champion
1988125Schott HungerfordCarroll
1988130Jim MarbachAdams Central4 time Champion
1988135Brent ByerlyAdams Central2 time Champion
1988140Mike ChristnerAdams Central2 time Champion
1988145Kevin KruseCarroll2 time Champion
1988152Eric TuckerNorwell3 time Champion
1988160Grant FrauhigerNorwell
1988171Matt BirchAdams Central2 time Champion
1988189Jeff CarrollAdams Central2 time Champion
1988HWTSteve MahensmithNorwell
1989103Denny SchwartzAdams Central3 time Champion
1989112Shawn LiterAdams Central2 time Champion
1989119Joe HurstAdams Central4 time Champion
1989125Trent ReynoldsAdams Central2 time Champion
1989130Mark GriffithsAdams Central3 time Champion
1989135Brent ByerlyAdams Central2 time Champion
1989140Doug SchwartzAdams Central
1989145Jim MarbachAdams Central4 time Champion
1989152Jim FoxCarroll
1989160Kevin KruseCarroll2 time Champion
1989171Brian HayerlyAdams Central
1989189Matt BirchAdams Central2 time Champion
1989HWTScott WerstAdams Central
1990103Brian PerryBluffton
1990112Ryan FiechterBluffton
1990119Matt LiterAdams Central3 time Champion
1990125Mark GriffithsAdams Central3 time Champion
1990130Trent ReynoldsAdams Central2 time Champion
1990135Tim JacksonAdams Central
1990140Brian KitzillerWoodlan
1990145Mike ChristnerAdams Central2 time Champion
1990152Dave HurstAdams Central
1990160James BiselSouth Adams2 time Champion
1990171Todd YoderAdams Central
1990189Kevin GradyBluffton
1990HWTAndy SmithWoodlan
1991103Jeremy HontzAdams Central
1991112Ben LiechtyAdams Central
1991119Denny SchwartzAdams Central3 time Champion
1991125Chad FittroBluffton
1991130Matt LiterAdams Central3 time Champion
1991135John ArnoldAdams Central
1991140Matt HamiltonAdams Central2 time Champion
1991145Corey DeRoAdams Central2 time Champion
1991152Herb BergmanSouth Adams4 time Champion
1991160James BiselSouth Adams2 time Champion
1991171Kurt HieberWoodlan3 time Champion
1991189Anthony SmithWoodlan2 time Champion
1991HWTJason LandersSouth Adams
1992103Robert LosheAdams Central3 time Champion
1992112Dan BrothertonSouth Adams
1992119Denny SchwartzAdams Central3 time Champion
1992125Brent LuginbillAdams Central
1992130Matt LiterAdams Central3 time Champion
1992135Jason OshlerHeritage
1992140Kirc LuginbillAdams Central2 time Champion
1992145Corey DeRoAdams Central2 time Champion
1992152Matt OrtWoodlan2 time Champion
1992160Herb BergmanSouth Adams4 time Champion
1992171Ryan WolfeAdams Central3 time Champion
1992189Kurt HieberWoodlan3 time Champion
1992HWTRick RhymerHeritage2 time Champion
1993103Brady StudebakerBluffton
1993112Robert LosheAdams Central3 time Champion
1993119Joe SprungerBluffton
1993125Ted BearmanHeritage2 time Champion
1993130Steve EhingerHeritage
1993135Corey SparksSouth Adams
1993140Tony CurrieAdams Central3 time Champion
1993145Kirc LuginbillAdams Central2 time Champion
1993152Matt HamiltonAdams Central2 time Champion
1993160Matt OrtWoodlan2 time Champion
1993171Herb BergmanSouth Adams4 time Champion
1993189Kurt HieberWoodlan3 time Champion
1993HWTAnthony SmithWoodlan2 time Champion
1994103Nathan CoulterLeo3 time Champion
1994112Jeremy JohnsBluffton
1994119Shaun BaumertWoodlan2 time Champion
1994125Andy BertschAdams Central4 time Champion
1994130Robert LosheAdams Central3 time Champion
1994135Ted BearmanHeritage2 time Champion
1994140Shaun TomAdams Central
1994145Tony CurrieAdams Central3 time Champion
1994152Craig SchwartzBluffton
1994160Dave FippLeo
1994171Herb BergmanSouth Adams4 time Champion
1994189Ryan WolfeAdams Central3 time Champion
1994HWTRick RhymerHeritage2 time Champion
1995100Seth BaumertWoodlan3 time Champion
1995106Nathan CoulterLeo3 time Champion
1995112Jason ReynoldsLeo2 time Champion
1995119Shaun BaumertWoodlan2 time Champion
1995126Ryan KauzlickLeo
1995134Andy BertschAdams Central4 time Champion
1995142Eric HunterAdams Central3 time Champion
1995151Tony CurrieAdams Central3 time Champion
1995160Shane VardamanWoodlan2 time Champion
1995172Michael BluhmAdams Central
1995185John McAfeeAdams Central
1995215Ryan WolfeAdams Central3 time Champion
1995HWTTony FeyBluffton
1996103Brian PaxsonBluffton
1996112Nathan CoulterLeo3 time Champion
1996119Jason ReynoldsLeo2 time Champion
1996125Kyle HardleyLeo4 time Champion
1996130Keith BeerAdams Central
1996135Andy BertschAdams Central4 time Champion
1996140Brady JohnsBluffton
1996145Eric HunterAdams Central3 time Champion
1996152Kevin MillsBluffton
1996160Shane VardamanWoodlan2 time Champion
1996171Kris BurkhartAdams Central
1996189William GreenBluffton
1996215Chad SaundersAdams Central
1996275Joe JanesHeritage
1997103Cody WhitehouseLeo2 time Champion
1997112Ben SprungerBluffton3 time Champion
1997119Randy PursleyBluffton3 time Champion
1997125Seth BaumertWoodlan3 time Champion
1997130Kyle HardleyLeo4 time Champion
1997135Andy BertschAdams Central4 time Champion
1997140Eric GiradotWoodlan
1997145Eric HunterAdams Central3 time Champion
1997152Brian JordanAdams Central
1997160Billy GoyingsWoodlan
1997171Brandon BirchAdams Central
1997189J.D. MorganBluffton
1997215Landon SmithBluffton2 time Champion
1997275Cary FunkAdams Central2 time Champion
1998103Travis PetersonBluffton
1998112Cody WhitehouseLeo2 time Champion
1998119Randy PursleyBluffton3 time Champion
1998125Ben SprungerBluffton3 time Champion
1998130Seth BaumertWoodlan3 time Champion
1998135Adam McAfeeAdams Central2 time Champion
1998140Chad KeesWoodlan
1998145Kyle HardleyLeo4 time Champion
1998152Curt FunkBluffton
1998160Alex LangacherWoodlan2 time Champion
1998171Scott MinnichBluffton
1998189Mack StewartBluffton
1998215Landon SmithBluffton2 time Champion
1998275Cary FunkAdams Central2 time Champion
1999103Mitch AschlimanAdams Central
1999112Dan SprungerBluffton4 time Champion
1999119Matt BohrenWoodlan2 time Champion
1999125Ben SprungerBluffton3 time Champion
1999130Randy PursleyBluffton3 time Champion
1999135Ryan BertschAdams Central
1999140Adam McAfeeAdams Central2 time Champion
1999145Chad BollenbacherAdams Central
1999152Kyle HardleyLeo4 time Champion
1999160Alex LangacherWoodlan2 time Champion
1999171Doug HammondAdams Central2 time Champion
1999189Dan SchwartzSouth Adams
1999215Robbie MorganBluffton
1999275Jerry WhittedAdams Central2 time Champion
2000103Landon GenthAdams Central2 time Champion
2000112Dan SprungerBluffton4 time Champion
2000119Josh GrandlenardBluffton2 time Champion
2000125Matt BohrenWoodlan2 time Champion
2000130Ryan LandisAdams Central
2000135Trevor CraigSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2000140Ramsey BollenbachSouth Adams
2000145Shane BradtmuellerWoodlan
2000152Kristian MuizfeldWoodlan2 time Champion
2000160Mark CreagerWoodlan2 time Champion
2000171Doug HammondAdams Central2 time Champion
2000189Adam PopplewellBluffton
2000215Ben SipeWoodlan2 time Champion
2000275Jerry WhittedAdams Central2 time Champion
2001103Landon GenthAdams Central2 time Champion
2001112Ed JonesSouth Adams
2001119Dan SprungerBluffton4 time Champion
2001125Darrin SchwartzWoodlan2 time Champion
2001130Colt CraigSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2001135Trevor CraigSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2001140Ben WannerSouth Adams
2001145Chris PrayHeritage
2001152Andy ProvinesLeo
2001160Kristian MuizfeldWoodlan2 time Champion
2001171Mark CreagerWoodlan2 time Champion
2001189Mike GoyingsWoodlan
2001215Ben SipeWoodlan2 time Champion
2001275Ryan MooreSouth Adams2 time Champion
2002103Randy GerberBluffton3 time Champion
2002112Nick FiechterBluffton3 time Champion
2002119Brandon AllmonAdams Central
2002125Dan SprungerBluffton4 time Champion
2002130Darrin SchwartzWoodlan2 time Champion
2002135Josh GrandlenardBluffton2 time Champion
2002140Colt CraigSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2002145Adam MyersAdams Central2 time Champion
2002152Matt HendersonLeo
2002160Clint HelrickWoodlan
2002171Dustin MitchelAdams Central3 time Champion
2002189Kevin ZehrLeo2 time Champion
2002215Pete WagnerSouthern Wells
2002275Ryan MooreSouth Adams2 time Champion
2003103Kreigh AschilmanAdams Central
2003112Randy GerberBluffton3 time Champion
2003119Vince FiechterSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2003125Nick FiechterBluffton3 time Champion
2003130Matt GallmeyerHeritage
2003135Nick WellsWoodlan
2003140Riley JohnsonLeo2 time Champion
2003145Kyle FriendLeo2 time Champion
2003152Adam MyersAdams Central2 time Champion
2003160Nick CreagerWoodlan2 time Champion
2003171Dustin MitchelAdams Central3 time Champion
2003189Kevin ZehrLeo2 time Champion
2003215Brad JakackiLeo
2003275Mickey GrinagerLeo
2004103Tyson BercotAdams Central3 time Champion
2004112Blake GenthAdams Central3 time Champion
2004119Randy GerberBluffton3 time Champion
2004125Vince FiechterSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2004130Nick FiechterBluffton3 time Champion
2004135Andy MyersAdams Central
2004140Riley JohnsonLeo2 time Champion
2004145Kyle FriendLeo2 time Champion
2004152Andrew BrennekeWoodlan2 time Champion
2004160Trace CraigSouthern Wells
2004171Mike BreatenHeritage
2004189Dustin MitchelAdams Central3 time Champion
2004215Ryan YorkLeo2 time Champion
2004275Josh StetlerAdams Central2 time Champion
2005103J.D. MorrisSouthern Wells
2005112Bill FrauhigerSouthern Wells
2005119Blake GenthAdams Central3 time Champion
2005125Adam BoxellSouthern Wells
2005130Adam RussellSouthern Wells
2005135Matt DunnAdams Central2 time Champion
2005140Brandon GaskillAdams Central3 time Champion
2005145Zach SteuryLeo2 time Champion
2005152Andrew BrennekeWoodlan2 time Champion
2005160Nick CreagerWoodlan2 time Champion
2005171Travis WilderAdams Central
2005189Trent WilsonLeo
2005215Ryan YorkLeo2 time Champion
2005285Josh StetlerAdams Central2 time Champion
2006103Chase SprungerSouth Adams
2006112Tyson BercotAdams Central3 time Champion
2006119Bill FrauhigerSouthern Wells
2006125Blake GenthAdams Central3 time Champion
2006130Christian BaerSouth Adams
2006135Darby HalfteryGarrett2 time Champion
2006140Matt DunnAdams Central2 time Champion
2006145Zach SteuryLeo2 time Champion
2006152Vince McAfeeAdams Central
2006160Brandon GaskillAdams Central3 time Champion
2006171Ryan ThomasLeo
2006189Chad FriendLeo2 time Champion
2006215Justin WoodsLeo3 time Champion
2006285Gabe MarantoLeo2 time Champion
2007103Ethan FiechterAdams Central
2007112Alex ScheumannHeritage
2007119Bryce SchendelGarrett2 time Champion
2007125Tyson BercotAdams Central3 time Champion
2007130Tim BrickerLeo
2007135Darby HalfteryGarrett2 time Champion
2007140Kade HardleyLeo2 time Champion
2007145Dustin EhrSouth Adams
2007152Trey SchultzAdams Central2 time Champion
2007160Brandon GaskillAdams Central3 time Champion
2007171Beau SchendelGarrett
2007189Chad FriendLeo2 time Champion
2007215Justin WoodsLeo3 time Champion
2007285Gabe MarantoLeo2 time Champion
2008103Bobby PerryBluffton3 time Champion
2008112Troy FiechterSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2008119Darin FiechterSouthern Wells3 time Champion
2008125Matt GerberBluffton2 time Champion
2008130Josh MannSouth Adams
2008135Bryce SchendelGarrett2 time Champion
2008140Cameron FriendLeo2 time Champion
2008145Kade HardleyLeo2 time Champion
2008152Zac McCrayGarrett3 time Champion
2008160Trey SchultzAdams Central2 time Champion
2008171Roger PickensAdams Central
2008189Brett PfisterBluffton
2008215Justin WoodsLeo3 time Champion
2008285Jim WestSouth Adams3 time Champion
2009103Todd BattSouth Adams2 time Champion
2009112Michael HirschyAdams Central
2009119Bobby PerryBluffton3 time Champion
2009125Troy FiechterSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2009130Darin FiechterSouthern Wells3 time Champion
2009135Matt GerberBluffton2 time Champion
2009140Justin BeckLeo2 time Champion
2009145Cameron FriendLeo2 time Champion
2009152Zac McCrayGarrett3 time Champion
2009160Josh FiechterBluffton
2009171Brandon BiberstineSouthern Wells
2009189Taylor ScottHeritage2 time Champion
2009215Jackson WerstSouth Adams
2009285Jim WestSouth Adams3 time Champion
2010103Cody WalburnAdams Central3 time Champion
2010112Alex RichmanHeritage2 time Champion
2010119Phillip GerberBluffton
2010125Bobby PerryBluffton3 time Champion
2010130Darin FiechterSouthern Wells3 time Champion
2010135Cody ZinkWoodlan3 time Champion
2010140Justin BeckLeo2 time Champion
2010145Josh EhrSouth Adams2 time Champion
2010152Levi JonesSouthern Wells
2010160Cody ConradHeritage2 time Champion
2010171Zac McCrayGarrett3 time Champion
2010189Taylor ScottHeritage2 time Champion
2010215Seth BiberstineSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2010285Jim WestSouth Adams3 time Champion
2011103Hayden LeeGarrett3 time Champion
2011112Alex RichmanHeritage2 time Champion
2011119Derek RoeAdams Central2 time Champion
2011125Todd BattSouth Adams2 time Champion
2011130Brayden MoreauGarrett2 time Champion
2011135Corey BottsLeo
2011140Cody ZinkWoodlan3 time Champion
2011145TJ BurnfieldSouth Adams
2011152Jarod SchwartzAdams Central
2011160Josh EhrSouth Adams2 time Champion
2011171Spencer CooperLeo
2011189Alex JakackiLeo
2011215Ethan PotterSouthern Wells
2011285Josh MitchellHeritage
2012106Hayden LeeGarrett3 time Champion
2012113LJ MoserSouth Adams2 time Champion
2012120Cody WalburnAdams Central3 time Champion
2012126Derek EllingerAdams Central3 time Champion
2012132Derek RoeAdams Central2 time Champion
2012138Brayden MoreauGarrett2 time Champion
2012145Cody ZinkWoodlan3 time Champion
2012152Zeke SchultzAdams Central
2012160Isaac SteuryLeo
2012170Garrett WeberLeo
2012182Cody ConradHeritage2 time Champion
2012195Austin GibsonGarrett
2012220Seth BiberstineSouthern Wells2 time Champion
2012285Bryce HagerLeo3 time Champion
2013106Hayden LeeGarrett3 time Champion
2013113Sawyer MillerSouth Adams2 time Champion
2013120LJ MoserSouth Adams2 time Champion
2013126Cody WalburnAdams Central3 time Champion
2013132Ben FiechterSouthern Wells
2013138Derek EllingerAdams Central3 time Champion
2013145Trey DelagrangeWoodlan
2013152Aaron EicherLeo2 time Champion
2013160Kaine LuginbillAdams Central2 time Champion
2013170Klayton HinshawSouth Adams2 time Champion
2013182Ben PfisterAdams Central
2013195Nolan WilsonLeo
2013220Briar GerberBluffton
2013285Bryce HagerLeo3 time Champion
2014106Anthony MosserAdams Central
2014113Eddie LoraineLeo
2014120Sawyer MillerSouth Adams2 time Champion
2014126Ryan FawcettLeo
2014132Isaac EicherLeo
2014138Derek EllingerAdams Central3 time Champion
2014145Boaz MarbachSouth Adams
2014152David HeplerLeo
2014160Kaine LuginbillAdams Central2 time Champion
2014170Aaron EicherLeo2 time Champion
2014182Klayton HinshawSouth Adams2 time Champion
2014195Bo DavisGarrett
2014220Blake DavisGarrett
2014285Bryce HagerLeo3 time Champion

Team Champions

1972Tournament and DualWoodlanJim Dupont
1973Tournament and DualWoodlanJim Dupont
1974Tournament and DualCarrollEd Fox
1975Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1976Tournament and DualCarrollEd Fox
1977Tournament and DualCarrollEd Fox
1978CarrollEd Fox
1978Adams CentralBarry Humble
1979Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1980Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1981Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1982Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1983Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1984Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1985Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1986Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1987Adams CentralBarry Humble
1987CarrollEd Fox
1988Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1989Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1990Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1991Tournament and DualAdams CentralBarry Humble
1992Tournament and DualAdams CentralMike Gremaux
1993Tournament and DualAdams CentralMike Gremaux
1994Tournament and DualAdams CentralMike Gremaux
1995Tournament and DualAdams CentralMike Gremaux
1996Tournament and DualAdams CentralLloyd White
1997DualAdams CentralLloyd White
1997TournamentBlufftonRandy Kearby
1998DualAdams CentralLloyd White
1998TournamentBlufftonBrian Poplin
1999DualAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
1999TournamentBlufftonTim Timmons
2000DualAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2000TournamentAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2001Tournament and DualWoodlanMike Krakowski
2002Tournament and DualBlufftonEric Bultemeier
2003DualAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2003TournamentLeoPat Johnson
2004DualLeoPat Johnson
2004TournamentAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2005Tournament and DualAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2006DualLeoJosh Dommer
2006TournamentAdams CentralDenny Schwartz
2007DualGarrettLuke Fielden
2007TournamentLeoJosh Dommer
2008Dual(3 way tie)GarrettLuke Fielden
2008Dual(3 way tie)South AdamsEric Myers
2008Dual(3 way tie)BlufftonDanny Irwiin
2008TournamentSouth AdamsEric Myers
2009DualSouth AdamsEric Myers
2009TournamentGarrettLuke Fielden
2010DualSouth AdamsEric Myers
2010TournamentGarrettLuke Fielden
2011DualSouth AdamsEric Myers
2011TournamentSouth AdamsEric Myers
2012DualAdams CentralDoug Schultz
2012TournamentAdams CentralDoug Schultz
2013DualLeoJosh Dommer
2013TournamentAdams CentralDoug Schultz
2014DualLeoJosh Dommer
2014TournamentLeoJosh Dommer

Team History

Adams Central- 1972- Present
Bluffton- 1990- Present
Carroll- 1972- 1989
Churubusco- 1972-1989
Eastside- 1972-1980
Garrett- 2006- Present
Heritage- 1979- Present
Homestead- 1972-1989
Leo- 1977- Present
Norwell- 1972-1989
South Adams- 1990- Present
Southern Wells- 1997- Present
Woodlan- 1972- Present

*Special thanks to Riley Johnson for providing much of this information.