Three Headed Monster: State Finals Preview

Updated: February 14, 2013


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Jake Sinkovics-Mishawaka Hayden Lee- Garrett
2 Hayden Lee-Garrett Jake Sinkovics- Mishawaka
3 Chad Red-New Palestine Chad Red- New Palestine
4 Brock Hudkins-Danville Garrett Pepple- East Noble
5 Terrence Kennedy-Floyd Central DJ Smith- Franklin
6 Garrett Pepple-East Noble Brock Hudkins- Danville
7 Mike Garza-Merrillville Terrence Kennedy- Floyd Central
8 Matt McKinney -Warren Central Cael McCormmick- Yorktown
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Chad Red, New Palestine Jake Sinkovics- Mishawaka
2 #2 Jake Sinkovics, Mishawaka Chad Red- New Palestine
3 #3 Hayden Lee, Garrett Hayden Lee- Garrett
4 #7 Garrett Pepple, East Noble Brock Hudkins- Danville
5 #5 D.J. Smith, Franklin Community DJ Smith- Franklin
6 #8 Brock Hudkins, Danville Garrett Pepple- East Noble
7 #9 Matt McKinney, Warren Central Terrence Kennedy- Floyd Central
8 #4 Terrance Kennedy, Floyd Central Matt McKinney- Warren Central

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not Red, it’s: Lee or Sinkovics. Honestly, take all three and throw them in a hat and pick one. I chose Red by an eyelash, as Lee has been money in rematches and Sink

Darkhorse(s): it’s hard to call SInkovics and Lee darkhorses, but on paper neither is the favorite. This weight really is a three horse race.

Upset alert: Mike Garza over D.J. Smith (returning state qualifiers meet in a pick ‘em), Drew Hildebrandt over Terrance Kennedy (Hildebrandt’s record is deceiving—he’s wrestled EVERYONE), Brett Johnson over Garrett Pepple (same thing for Johnson as Hildebrandt) and Cael McCormick over Matt McKinney

Inside Y2’s Mind
Serving up some home cookin’ with these picks, but when they materialize I will look like a genius. This weight class has three wrestlers enter with zero losses and three others with only a single loss. It will be a barn burner from beginning to end and when the dust settles it could go down as the most exciting weight class of the weekend.

Bracket Busters:
Terrence Kennedy- He is the lone senior in the group and may give Red all he can handle on Saturday morning.

Cael McCormmick- He has the pedigree, he has the skills, and he has the intangibles to break many people’s brackets

Karl’s Komments

The little guys should provide big fireworks this weekend as the four semi-state champs are a combined 143-1. Mishawaka’s Jake Sinkovics (42-0) and Garrett’s Hayden Lee (36-1) are both juniors who have a lot of high school experience. Sinkovics owns a victory over Lee this season but Lee has experience at the state finals. The other two semi-state champs both come in with unblemished records. Freshmen Brock Hudkins (21-0) and Chad Red (44-0) have dominated this season.

Best First Round Match Up – Mike Garza (39-3) 11 Merrillville vs. DJ Smith (38-5) 11 Franklin

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Brock Hudkins (21-0) 9 Danville vs. Garrett Pepple (40-1) 10 East Noble

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Chad Red (44-0) 9 New Palestine vs Hayden Lee (36-1) 11 Garrett


1 Stevan Micic-Hanover Central Stevan Micic- Hanover Central
2 Jacob Cottey-Perry Meridian Jacob Cottey- Perry Meridian
3 Sawyer Miller-South Adams Damon Kuhn- Evansville Reitz
4 Gaige Torres-Portage Connor Knapp- East Noble
5 Zach Davis-Penn Zach Davis- Penn
6 Damon Kuhn -Evansville Reitz Sawyer Miller- South Adams
7 Conner Knapp-East Noble Gaige Torres- Portage
8 Charles Baker-Ind. Crispus Attucks DeLawrence Gayfield- Concord
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Steven Micic, Hanover Central Stevan Micic- Hanover Central
2 #3 Jacob Cottey, Perry Meridian Jacob Cottey- Perry Meridian
3 #9 Damon Kuhn, Evansville Reitz Damon Kuhn- Evansville Reitz
4 #4 Connor Knapp, East Noble Connor Knapp- East Noble
5 #5 Jack Chastain, Hamilton Southeastern Zach Davis- Penn
6 #7 Gaige Torres, Portage Jack Chastain- Hamilton Southeastern
7 #11 Matt Mastison, Evansville Harrison Jacob Brown- Castle
8 Charlie Baker, Crispus Attucks DeLawrence Gayfield- Concord

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not Micic, it’s: Cottey, but realistically, it’s Micic and no one else. This is one of just a few mortal lock weight classes.

Darkhorse(s): There really is no darkhorse to win the weight, but Zach Davis got red hot last year at State, and could do so again.

Upset alert: Mastison over Davis, Torres over Brown (this is a pick’em), Miller over Chastain (Chastain already beat Miller this year, but it was a tight one), Baker over Gayfield (Baker has some pretty solid leg defense)

Inside Y2’s Mind
Micic is the class of the field and him getting beat would rank up with some of the biggest upsets in state finals history. Of course anything can happen, but Micic hasn’t broken a sweat this year and could put on an Andrew Howe type performance this weekend.

Bracket Busters:
Zach Davis- This is his third trip to state, he is no stranger to the big matches.

Sawyer Miller- He was in the semi-finals last year and a tough competitor that will not go down without a fight.

Karl’s Komments

Region rats continue to crow about the quality of wrestler produced by Lake County. They will get no argument from me when they mention Hanover Central’s Steven Micic. A state champion last year, this junior is currently ranked #2 in the country. It appears to be a one man race with everyone else chasing. Reitz’ senior Damon Kuhn is battle tested and a semi-state champ. Perry Meridian would love to see junior Jacob Cottey make a deep run to help their team’s chances of a title. East Noble’s Conner Knapp has quietly put together an awesome season.

Best First Round Match Up – Sawyer Miller (40-2) 10 South Adams vs. Jack Chastain (37-1) 10 Hamilton Southeastern.

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Jacob Cottey (37-1) 11 Perry Meridian vs. Zach Davis (42-6) 11 Penn

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Conner Knapp (40-0) 10 East Noble vs. Jacob Cottey (37-1) 11 Perry Meridian.


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Drew Hughes-Lowell Drew Hughes- Lowell
2 Adam Garcia-Merrillville Bailey LaHue- Corydon Central
3 Schuyler Phillips-Yorktown Schuyler Phillips- Yorktown
4 Bailey Lahue-Coydon Central Deondre Wilson- Warren Central
5 Deondre Wilson-Warren Central Adam Garcia- Merrillville
6 Andrice Martin-Franklin Central Andrice Martin- Franklin Central
7 LJ Moser-South Adams Josh Davis- Evansville Reitz
8 Josh Davis -Evansville Reitz LJ Moser- South Adams
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Schuyler Phillips, Yorktown Deondre Wilson- Warren Central
2 #5 Adam Garcia, Merrillville Schuyler Phillips- Yorktown
3 #3 Drew Hughes, Lowell Drew Hughes- Lowell
4 #7 Bailey Lahue, Corydon Central Bailey LaHue- Corydon Central
5 #2 Deondre Wilson, Warren Central LJ Moser- South Adams
6 #6 Andrice Martin, Franklin Central Josh Davis- Evansville Reitz
7 #14 L.J. Moser, South Adams Andrice Martin- Franklin Central
8 Preston Mantel, Zionsville Adam Garcia- Merrillville

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not Phillips, it’s: Hughes (The Lowell freshman has been lights out all year and is certainly capable of winning it all. Only his youth gives me pause), Deondre Wilson, Adam Garcia (highest returning placer at this weight).

Darkhorse(s): Moser has a postseason win over Phillips, which shows that he can go with anyone. Martin is a talented and dynamic wrestler and could pose problems for Phillips

Upset alert: Mantel over Davis (Davis beat Mantel in OT earlier, but Mantel is wrestling his best now), Eldred over Lahue (Eldred had one regular season loss and Westfield has a tough schedule. He is going to be special before it’s all said and done in high school)

Inside Y2’s Mind
This weight has been the one filled with lots of opinions on who and why certain wrestlers will come out on top. The top five wrestlers are all contenders for the blue medal. Drew Hughes has had a phenomenal freshman campaign and looks to cap it off on top of the podium. He will have to go through a battle tested senior in Schuyler Phillips and then get through one of what seems a dozen contenders in the bottom bracket.

Bracket Busters:
Adam Garcia- He was a top four finisher last year and has the tools to get to the finals. He is no sleeper, but one that many are writing off.

Bailey LaHue- Coming from a school not exactly a wrestling power house he is as legit as they come. He already has one state medal and don’t blink if he is under the lights and on top of the podium.

Karl’s Komments

The quality and depth at 120 rivals any weight class in the state this year. Yorktown senior Schuyler Phillips rebounded in impressive fashion at semi-state after a regional hiccup. Lowell’s baby monster Drew Hughes is terrifying on top. From the deep south comes Corydon’s Bailey Lahue and Warren Central brings undefeated Deondre Wilson from the East Side of Indy. Another three or four wrestlers possess the skills needed to upset the semi-state champs.

Best First Round Match Up – Adam Garcia (34-2) 12 Merrillville vs. Andrew Ledford (45-4) 12 Kokomo

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Bailey Lahue (38-2) 10 Corydon vs. LJ Moser (28-1) 12 South Adams

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Schuyler Phillips (45-2) 12 Yorktown vs. Drew Hughes (36-1) 9 Lowell


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Nick Crume-Jimtown Nick Crume- Jimtown
2 Luke Welch-Castle Brandon James- Perry Meridian
3 Josh Fuqua-Crown Point Blake Denton- Twin Lakes
4 Blake Denton-Twin Lake Josh Fuqua- Crown Point
5 Brandon James-Perry Meridian Luke Welch- Castle
6 Tom Gettinger-Connersville Tom Gettinger- Connersville
7 Tyler Fleener -Center Grove Tyler Fleener- Center Grove
8 Ben Harvey-Indpls. Cathedral Ben Harvey- Cathedral
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #2 Brandon James, Perry Meridian Nick Crume- Jimtown
2 #1 Nick Crume, Jimtown Luke Welch- Castle
3 #5 Tom Gettinger, Connersville Tom Gettinger- Connersville
4 #8 Ben Harvey, Cathedral Ben Harvey- Cathedral
5 #4 Josh Fuqua, Crown Point Brandon James- Perry Meridian
6 #3 Luke Welch, Castle Josh Fuqua- Crown Point
7 #6 Blake Denton, Twin Lakes Blake Denton- Twin Lakes
8 #7 Tyler Fleener, Center Grove Tyler Fleener- Center Grove

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not James, it’s: Crume, although I’m sure most people have Crume as the favorite. He has been nothing short of dominant this year and it’s hard to find any flaw in his game. Gettinger looked the part of a state champ at semi-state and will be a very tough out for anyone.

Darkhorse(s): Since Crume is basically a favorite or co-favorite, I’ll go with Gettinger. The Connersville standout is excellent on his feet and probably even better on the mat. Throw in a plus gastank and you have yourself a real stud.

Upset alert: James over Crume, Gettinger over Crume (Obviously, I feel that New Castle is very strong at this weight)

Inside Y2’s Mind
The magic coin got a workout in this weight class. The quarter-finals alone features at least three matches that many throughout the year have said would be state finals matches. Crume has been the most consistent over the year and seems primed to bring a blue medal back to Baugo. He will be pushed and shoved from every direction and one slip up could land one of about six wrestlers on the top step of the podium.

Bracket Busters:
Luke Welch- I hate to call a kid with two state medals and the family history he does a bracket buster. He has the tools to make me toss my bracket out the window.

Tom Gettinger- Another that is hard to call a bracket buster after his big win over James last week. He will have to fend off 2011 state runner-up Josh Fuqua to make the semi-finals then take on stalwart Crume to make the finals.

Karl’s Komments

Prognosticators have been anticipating a Nick Crume-Brandon James match up in the state finals since the start of the season. No one was mentioning Connersville senior Tom Gettinger then, but they all know about him now. Evansville semi-state champ Luke Welch is a seasoned and tough wrestler who has already committed to Purdue. Welch also needs to be mentioned in the state title discussion. Jimtown’s Nick Crume has quietly throttled all competition this season.

Best First Round Match Up – Dylan Logsdon (29-8) 12 Portage vs. Tyler Feener (40-3) 11 Center Grove

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Luke Welch (44-1) 12 Castle vs. Brandon James (33-1) 10 Perry Meridian

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Tom Gettinger (45-1) 12 Connersville vs. Nick Crume (34-0) 12 Jimtown


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Cody Lecount-Perry Meridian Cody LeCount- Perry Meridian
2 Levi Moss-Ben Davis Levi Moss- Ben Davis
3 Trevor Burlison-Crown Point Grant Martsolf- Mishawaka
4 Dalton Baysinger-Yorktown Trevor Burlison- Crown Point
5 Devin Broukal-Bloomington South Mitch Hartman- South Bend Clay
6 Grant Martsoff-Mishawaka Devin Broukal- Bloomington South
7 Mitch Hartman-South Bend Clay Logan Wedding- Evansville Memorial
8 Skyler Lykins-Franklin Community Skyler Lykins- Franklin
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Cody LeCount, Perry Meridian Cody LeCount- Perry Meridian
2 #3 Levi Moss, Ben Davis Grant Martsolf- Mishawaka
3 #10 Dalton Baysinger, Yorktown Trevor Burlison- Crown Point
4 #6 Trevor Burlison, Crown Point Mitch Hartman- South Bend Clay
5 #2 Mitch Hartman, South Bend Clay Zach Krumlauf- Dekalb
6 #9 Devin Broukal, Bloomington South Dalton Baysinger- Yorktown
7 #14 Jordan Lile, Fishers Ben Fiechter- Southern Wells
8 #16 Skyler Lykins, Franklin Community Skyler Lykins- Franklin

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not LeCount, it’s: Moss (Coach’s son returns again to the State meet, looking for the ultimate prize. While he is as tough and solid as they come, beating LeCount is probably too much to ask)

Darkhorse(s): Again, it’s hard to call a returning two-time placer and 2nd ranked coach’s son a dark horse, but Hartman should meet Moss in the quarterfinals. If he can get by Moss, Hartman is capable of a state finals appearance.

Upset alert: Snyder over Burlison (Snyder is a scrappy dude, and his record is misleading. The former state qualifier has been rounding into shape and will be dangerous), Broukal over Krumlauf (hard to bet against the two-time qualifier and 4th ranked Dekalb wrestler, but Broukal won a big Friday night match last year and looks to repeat history), Fiechter over Moss (tough senior and returning state qualifier won’t roll over for Moss), Perez over Hartman (nasty draw for the talented Hot Dawg wrestler. Slick and tough, he could give Hartman a hard time), Wedding over Baysinger (not much of an upset as they are #11 and #10, respectively) and Lile over Martsolf (Lile looked much better at semi-state than regionals and sectionals). This is a deep and tough bracket, but LeCount is a notch above the rest of the strong field.

Inside Y2’s Mind
My (not so) expert opinion is this is a two horse race. The favorite is LeCount with only two career losses, I don’t see him suffering any more in his a career. He will not have an easy time navigating the bracket with landmines like Moss, Hartman and Broukal placed throughout the bracket.

Bracket Busters:
Mitch Hartman- He is a two time placer and made the semi-finals as a sophomore. Don’t overlook the possibility of him making the semi-finals or finals.

Dalton Baysinger- He is a tough competitor that has the ability to make a deep run. With great defense and very opportune offense he can make any match a winnable match.

Karl’s Komments

Perry Meridian’s Cody LeCount has been the lead dog in this weight class from the start of the season and he has handled that pressure admirably, running the table with a perfect 36-0 record. Veteran Ben Davis Giant Levi Moss is the brackets other unbeaten but a combination of a brutal quarter bracket and some injury issues might make the way for some one else to bully their way to the podium. Fort Wayne semi-state champ Dalton Baysinger had a great day at the Coliseum, knocking off perviously unbeaten Zach Krumlauf of DeKalb. Trevor Burlison of Crown Point often gets overshadowed by some of his teammates but he has a great opportunity for a deep run.

Best First Round Match Up – Levi Moss (35-0) 12 Ben Davis vs. Ben Fiechter (39-3) 12 Southern Wells

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Dalton Baysinger (44-3) 12 Yorktown vs. Grant Martsoff (37-6) 12 Mishawaka

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Mitch Hartman (44-3) 12 South Bend Clay vs. Grant Martsoff (37-6) 12 Mishawaka


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Luke Blanton-Alexandria Tommy Forte- Mishawka
2 Chandler Carroll-Yorktown Luke Blanton- Alexandria
3 Tom Forte -Mishawaka Chandler Carroll- Yorktown
4 Tyler Hupp-Indian Creek Evan Loe- Peru
5 Nick Bova-Perry Meridian Anthony McHugh- Culver Academies
6 Anthony McHugh-Culver Academies Nick Bova- Perry Meridian
7 Evan Loe-Peru Tyler Hupp- Indian Creek
8 Juwan Bartlett-Lawrence North Juwan Bartlett- Lawrence North
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Tommy Forte, Mishawaka Tommy Forte- Mishawka
2 #2 Luke Blanton, Alexandria Luke Blanton- Alexandria
3 #3 Chandler Carroll, Yorktown Chandler Carroll- Yorktown
4 #9 Tyler Hupp, Indian Creek Evan Loe- Peru
5 #4 Nick Bova, Perry Meridian Anthony McHugh- Culver Academies
6 #5 Anthony McHugh, Culver Academies Nick Bova- Perry Meridian
7 #7 Evan Loe, Peru Tyler Hupp- Indian Creek
8 #14 Juwan Bartlett, Lawrence North Juwan Bartlett- Lawrence North

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not Forte, it’s: Blanton (It’s hard to be much more impressive than Blanton was at New Castle this past weekend, but beating Forte is quite a task for the tough two-time placer).

Darkhorse(s): Carroll has had a phenomenal career already and looks to add to his hardware. He is plenty dangerous in this class. Bova has wrestled everyone and, outside of the unusual match vs Blanton, he can hang with anyone.

Upset alert: Wagner over Hupp (Wagner appeared to be injured by the end of the day at semi-state. If he is healthy, he is very dangerous. If he can’t go, his replacement Chase Watson of HSE is plenty tough in his own right and will push Hupp)

Inside Y2’s Mind
The past two years Blanton has been a bracket buster and pulled crazy upsets at state. Will he be able to do it for a third time? This weight has three wrestlers that stand out in Forte, Blanton and Carroll. Each has taken home hardware from state before, but none have wrestled under the lights.

Bracket Busters:
Anthony McHugh- He has been to state three times, but never come home with any hardware. This year will be different for the future Air Force Falcon. Don’t be surprised if he makes the finals.

Nick Bova- Never under estimate a wrestler with two state medals from the perennial state power. Bova has all the tools necessary to make a deep run at Bankers Life.

Karl’s Komments

Personally, this weight class contains some of my favorite wrestlers to watch in the state. New Castle semi-state champ Luke Blanton of Alexandria is a dynamic athlete that has provided many thrills for the fans in Indy. Also on this side of the bracket is Indian Creek’s Tyler Hupp. Hupp has state experience and comes in as a semi state champ. Don’t overlook Peru’s Evan Loe or Culver Military’s Anthony McHugh, either one could be a dark horse state finalists. The other side of the bracket shakes out with Yorktown’s Chandler Carroll and Mishawaka’s Tommy Forte being the odds on favorites to reach the semis.

Best First Round Match Up – Nick Bova (36-2) 12 Perry Meridian vs. Isiah Kemper (44-4) 10 Evansville Central

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Tyler Hupp (39-1) 12 Indian Creek vs. Evan Loe (43-3) 11 Peru

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Chandler Carroll (40-1) 11 Yorktown vs. Tommy Forte (42-0) 10 Mishawaka


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Neal Molloy-Danville Neal Molloy- Danville
2 Eli Walker-Yorktown Brendon Kelley- Evansville Central
3 Cody Handley-Northeastern Eli Walker- Yorktown
4 Tristen Macri-Mishawaka Tristan Macri- Mishawaka
5 Brenden Kelley-Evansville Harrison Cody Handley- Northeastern
6 Robbie Elsea-New Palestine Shabaka Johns- Warren Central
7 Mitch Roadruck-Lowell Mitch Roadruck- Lowell
8 Kyle Jolas-Huntington North Robbie Elsea- New Palestine
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Neal Molloy, Danville Neal Molloy- Danville
2 #2 Brandon Kelley, Evansville Central Brendon Kelley- Evansville Central
3 #4 Tristan Macri, Mishawaka Eli Walker- Yorktown
4 #9 Mitch Roadruck, Lowell Tristan Macri- Mishawaka
5 #5 Cody Handley, Northeastern Cody Handley- Northeastern
6 #7 Shabaka Johns, Warren Central Shabaka Johns- Warren Central
7 #3 Eli Walker, Yorktown Robbie Elsea- New Palestine
8 #8 Robbie Elsea, New Palestine Mitch Roadruck- Lowell

Dingo’s Breakdown
If it’s not Molloy, it’s: Kelley (It’s very unlikely that anyone will get Molloy, but Kelley appears to have the best chance).

Darkhorse(s): Handley might have some health concerns, but if he’s healthy he could be battling Molloy under the lights.

Upset alert: Jolas over Johns (Two-time state qualifier might be able to get by the tough-riding Johns), McKee over Handley (Handley impressed me as far back as last year, but his injury clouds his weekend outlook), Mammolenti over Kelley (the tough Penn wrestler has wrestled a brutal schedule and has been able to hang with the big dogs), Campbell over Walker (there is some familiarity there as they competed in the same semi-state two years ago and Campbell has a knack for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat), Ferguson over Roadruck (on paper, the Lowell wrestler is a big favorite, but Ferguson is riding some serious momentum), Elsea over Macri, potential quarterfinals match (Elsea is a tough senior and could follow in fellow Dragon Connor Robinson’s amazing state run last year)

Inside Y2’s Mind
Neal Molloy is one of the top wrestlers in the state and nation. He placed at Fargo and Super 32 this offseason with this year focused on his second state title. Last year it was shown that he can be derailed, but don’t expect that this year.

Bracket Busters:
Cody Handley- Coming off a semi-state championship he has not gotten the press others have as a contender for a high spot on the podium.

Mitch Roadruck- He is a great competitor that has had his season overshadowed by the Hughes brothers. He has been around the block and could sneak into the finals if you aren’t careful.

Karl’s Komments

Two titans from the south appear to have separated themselves in the race for the crown at 145. Danville’s Neal Molloy has wrestled under the lights before and has national credentials. His semi state rival Brendon Kelley of Evansville Central wrestles a wide open style. A match up in the finals between these two would surely entertain the crowd. A host of other talented grapplers will look to knock the two front runners off their perch. Eli Walker of Yorktown and Tristan Macri of Mishawaka don’t get as much ink as their teammates but both are battle tested warriors.

Best First Round Match Up – Neal Molloy (39-0) 12 Danville vs. Chris Katsafaros (39-3) 12 Chesterton

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Cody Handley (41-2) 12 Northeastern vs. Brendon Kelley (37-1) 11 Evansville Central

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Tristan Macri (42-1) 11 Mishawaka vs. Neal Malloy (39-0) 12 Danville.


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Isaiah Bradley- Muncie Southside Josh Farrell- Greenfield Central
2 Josh Farrell- Greenfield Central Isaiah Bradley- Muncie Southside
3 Vinny Corsaro- Indianapolis Cathedral Vinny Corsaro- Indianapolis Cathedral
4 Dusty Schurg- Crown Point Connor Brummett- Dekalb
5 Brayden Montgomery- Danville Brayden Montgomery- Danville
6 Jordan Partee- Madison Dusty Schurg- Crown Point
7 Sam Ferdig- South Bend Adams Nick Borta- North Montgomery
8 Sebastian Eckert- Huntington North Sebastian Eckert- Huntington North
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Isaiah Bradley, Muncie Central Josh Farrell- Greenfield Central
2 #2 Josh Farrell, Greenfield-Central Isaiah Bradley- Muncie Southside
3 #3 Vinny Corsaro, Cathedral Vinny Corsaro- Indianapolis Cathedral
4 #9 Jordan Partee, Madison Dusty Schurg- Crown Point
5 #7 Brayden Montgomery, Danville Brayden Montgomery- Danville
6 #8 Jackson Bennett, Hamilton Southeastern Jordan Partee- Madison
7 #6 Nick Borta, North Montgomery Sam Ferdig- South Bend Adams
8 Kody Henshaw, Evansville Memorial Kody Henshaw- Evansville Memorial

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Bradley, it’s: Farrell-The three-time state placer looks to add another placement to his collection. He puts up a lot of points and is pretty strong in all aspects, Corsaro-Like Farrell, Corsaro is attempting to become a rare four-time state placer. Also like Farrell, he is a returning state runner-up. Corsaro is solid on his feet and especially on the mat and, like his previous two seasons, appears to be peaking in the postseason. Bradley is the favorite, but he will have to work for his repeat bid.

Darkhorse(s): Corsaro, Farrell, #4 Schurg—I realize it’s a little strange to have him here when I picked him to be “upset” by Bennett, but his only two losses on the year are to Illinois studs and he is a returning state qualifier.

Upset alert: Bennett over #4 Schurg (Bennett is a stud, and this is a lot closer matchup than the majority of 1-4 matches), #12 Brummett over Partee (not really an upset, except according to the rankings), #11 Ferdig over Borta (Ferdig was 2nd in his semi-state, Borta was 3rd; they are pretty closely ranked and had roughly similar seasons), #13 Manspeaker over Corsaro (tough draw for the senior from Penn, but he is tough and battle-tested)

Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: This weight class has been shaping up all season to be one of the most anticipated of the weekend with three wrestlers in the mix that have experience under the lights. The question all season was could Isaiah Bradley defend his title. So far he is unblemished, but has yet to face the top competitors in the weight class. He is one that you cannot count out and when the lights are on he seems to shine the brightest. He will be pushed by three-time medalist Josh Farrell who has been lights out all season long. You cannot count out Vinny Corsaro who wrestled under the lights last year to make a run for the top step.

Bracket Busters:

Brayden Montgomery- He doesn’t come in with the credentials the rest of the top contenders in this weight do, but he has the skills to pull a few upsets.

Dusty Schurg- Growing up with 18 brothers you know he is tough as nails and one that won’t crack under pressure. Like Montgomery he has the tools needed to surprise folks this weekend.


Karl’s Komments

Defending state champion Isaiah Bradley of Muncie South headlines the 152 pound class but does not appear to be a clear cut favorite to repeat. Many think that Greenfield Central’s Josh Farrell possesses the arsenal to take out Bradley. Crown Point veteran Dusty Schurg knows how to win close matches and Cathedral’s Vinny Corsaro was a state runner up one year ago.

Best First Round Match Up – Trevor Manspeaker (44-4) 12 Penn vs. Vinny Corsaro (43-3) 11 Cathedral

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Dusty Schurg (27-2) 12 Crown Point vs. Jordan Partee (48-3) 11 Madison

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Josh Farrell (44-0) 12 Greenfield Central vs. Dusty Schurg (27-2) 12 Crown Point


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Kenny Hughes- Lowell Austin McCloskey- Western Boone
2 Seth Seitzinger- Bloomington south Riley McClurg- Perry Meridian
3 Mark Maldonado- Highland Rhett Hiestand- Yorktown
4 Rhett Hiestand- Yorktown Mahlon Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei
5 Luke Kriech- Franklin community Mark Maldonado- Highland
6 Riley McClurg- Perry Meridian Luke Kriech- Franklin community
7 Mahlon Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei Blake Rypel- Cathedral
8 Blake Rypel- Cathedral Seth Seitzinger- Bloomington south
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Austin McCloskey, Western Boone Austin McCloskey- Western Boone
2 #8 Riley McClurg, Perry Meridian Seth Seitzinger- Bloomington south
3 #10 Mark Maldonado, Highland Rhett Hiestand- Yorktown
4 #7 Blake Rypel, Cathedral Mark Maldonado- Highland
5 #9 Luke Kriech, Franklin Community Riley McClurg- Perry Meridian
6 #4 Mahlon Parkinson, Evansville Mater Dei Luke Kriech- Franklin community
7 #5 Rhett Hiestand, Yorktown Blake Rypel- Cathedral
8 #6 Seth Seitzinger, Bloomington South Mahlon Parkinson- Evansville Mater Dei

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not McCloskey, it’s: #2 Hughes-In a strange twist of fate, Hughes and McCloskey meet up on Friday night for the second year in a row. McCloskey won last year’s battle, and the Lowell stud has a great shot at running the table if he can get by the Western Boone standout, Rypel-It’s very hard to believe this kid is only a freshman. He’s very, very slick and solid in all aspects….Oh, and very dangerous as well, McClurg-The Perry standout senior just proved he can beat anyone in the state when he handed McCloskey his first loss all season.

Darkhorse(s): Kriech-How does this defending state runner-up (losing a very close Finals match in the process) get lost in the sauce? He is very capable of another deep run. Maldonado-He has only one loss all year, to Hughes, which he avenged at semi-state. Parkinson-The EMD senior has been tough all year, and the bracket is set up for a run to the finals if he gets hot.

Upset alert: #11 Gomez over Rypel (tough senior matches up with freshman phenom), #16 Krege over Maldonado (record is a little misleading with Krege, the Pendoski-trained junior who has improved steadily the past year), #12 Hollins over McClurg (Tough junior doesn’t have a sterling record, but has wrestled a tough schedule and has some nice wins)

Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY! About 8:30pm on Friday all eyes will be on mat 2 to watch a match one week ago many were predicting for the state finals. Both Austin McCloskey and Kenny Hughes suffered their first losses of the year last week and their reward is a first round match-up that many will be talking about for years. Last year McCloskey won on Friday night against Hughes by the score of 5-1. This weight is one of the most wide open weights with the top half of the bracket absolutely loaded. The winner of McCloskey and Hughes will feel like they won the showcase showdown as they will get last year’s runner-up Luke Kriech. On the bottom half of the bracket you have a red hot Riley McClurg and an always dangerous Mater Dei wrestler in Mahlon Parkinson. In all honesty this weight class has about 14 bracket busters in it.

Bracket Busters:

Mahlon Parkinson- Never, never, never count out a Mater Dei wrestler to make a deep run. This year, he is my pick to bust up some brackets.

Blake Rypel- The super frosh is extremely talented and is poised to make things interesting this weekend.

Seth Seitzinger- He is a solid wrestler who wrestles a style that puts him in every match. Don’t count him out to make it under the lights on Saturday.

Karl’s Komments

Friday night’s clash between Austin McCloskey of Western Boone and Lowell’s Kenny Hughes could be one for the ages. These two ended the season ranked in the top five in the state and by luck of the draw, they will face off on Friday night. Perry Meridian’s Riley McClurg and Highland’s Mark Maldonado are responsible for the exciting Friday night match up and these two will look to continue the momentum they gained last Saturday. Seth Seitzinger of Bloomington South and Rhett Hiestand of Yorktown are both semi state champs who could make deep runs in this bracket.

Best First Round Match Up – Kenny Hughes (39-1) 11 Lowell vs Austin McCloskey (42-1) 11 Western Boone

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Riley McClurg (33-3) 12 Perry Meridian vs. Seth Seitzinger (36-7) 12 Bloomington South

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Rhett Hiestand (44-2) 11 Yorktown vs. Austin McCloskey (42-1) Western Boone


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Bobby Steveson- Merrillville Riley Lefever- Ft. Wayne Carroll
2 Scottie Sopko- Hobart Bobby Steveson- Merrillville
3 Anthony Linnear- Ft. Wayne Northside Jake Rickenbaugh- Heritage Hills
4 Logan Floor- Westfield Conner Galvin- Bloomington South
5 Riley Lefever- Ft. Wayne Carroll Scottie Sopko- Hobart
6 Austin Neibarger- Hamilton Southeastern Anthony Linnear- Ft. Wayne Northside
7 Jake Rickenbaugh- Heritage Hills Tanner Adams- Jimtown
8 Conner Galvin- Bloomington South Logan Floor- Westfield
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Bobby Steveson, Merrillville Riley Lefever- Ft. Wayne Carroll
2 #2 Riley Lefever, Carroll Bobby Steveson- Merrillville
3 #7 Jake Rickenbaugh, Heritage Hills Anthony Linnear- Ft. Wayne Northside
4 #11 Logan Floor, Westfield Conner Galvin- Bloomington South
5 #6 Scottie Sopko, Hobart Scottie Sopko- Hobart
6 #5 Anthony Linnear, Fort Wayne North Side Austin Neibarger- Hamilton Southeastern
7 #3 Austin Neibarger, Hamilton Southeastern Jake Rickenbaugh- Heritage Hills
8 #9 Conor Galvin, Bloomington South Logan Floor- Westfield

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Steveson, it’s: Lefever-The senior from Carroll looks like Steveson’s only real challenge for supremacy at this weight. He is undefeated and has beaten most opponents pretty badly.

Darkhorse(s): Neibarger-The HSE senior hasn’t been able to match his freshman magic, when he placed in a tough upper weight class. He has an extremely tough first round match and, if he wins, he gets Steveson. If he can get by the first two matches, he could go all the way. Sopko-He has only three losses (despite being in Steveson’s proximity) and is returning placer

Upset alert: #8 Adams over Neibarger (The Jimtown senior is a rough opener for Neibarger…this could go either way), #16 Fentz over Sopko (Fentz has wrestled nearly every tough team in the state and won’t be intimidated by Sopko)

Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: This weight features two undefeated wrestlers in Steveson and Lefever both on a collision course under the lights. Steveson has beaten Lefever the few times they have wrestled including a one point match in the fall of 2011. This could be quite a match-up as both have great gas tanks and are not shy about putting points on the board. Of course they will have to navigate the field that features some very tough wrestlers like Rickenbaugh, Galvin, Linnear and Adams.

Bracket Busters:

Anthony Linnear- Hard to call him a bracket buster after placing third last year, but he is still a wildcard. He will give every opponent a tough match-up.

Scottie Sopko- Another one that is hard to call a bracket buster. The quarter-final match between him and Lefever will most likely wrestle under the lights.

Tanner Adams- Last year he was not able to wrestle at the state finals and with this year being his senior year he could definitely make things interesting.


Karl’s Komments

The 170 class is another class where two front runners have emerged and remained unbeaten through this season. Fort Wayne Carroll’s Riley Lefever and Merrillville’s Bobby Steveson are on a collision course. The bracket gods were kind to the fans of Indiana and this match up, if it happens, will be under the spot light. Steveson’s local rival Scottie Sopko of Hobart and Lefever’s opponent at sectional, regional and semi-state, Anthony Linnear of Fort Wayne North Side will look to finally topple their rivals. Others looking to advance deep into the bracket are super frosh Conner Galvin of Bloomington South and veteran Austin Neibarger of Hamilton Southeastern.

Best First Round Match Up – Tanner Adams (42-2) 12 Jimtown vs. Austin Neibarger (35-3) 12 Hamilton Southeastern.

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Riley Lefever (43-0) Fort Wayne Carroll vs. Scottie Sopko (39-3) 10 Hobart

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Anthony Linnear (32-4) 12 Fort Wayne North Side vs. Bobby Steveson (35-0) 10 Merrillville


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Matt Hurford- Culver Community Matt Hurford- Culver Community
2 Jake Massengale- Perry Meridian Jake Massengale- Perry Meridian
3 Brad Busse- Bellmont Brad Busse- Bellmont
4 Dakota Thacker- Bloomington South Dakota Thacker- Bloomington South
5 Katrell Moss- Warren Central Brian Wagner- New Palestine
6 Ryan Jankowski- South Bend St. Joes Exvonte Jones- Portage
7 Brian Wagner- New Palestine Ryan Jankowski- South Bend St. Joes
8 Exvonte Jones- Portage Katrell Moss- Warren Central
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Matt Hurford, Culver Community Matt Hurford- Culver Community
2 #3 Jake Masengale, Perry Meridian Jake Massengale- Perry Meridian
3 #6 Brad Busse, Belmont Brad Busse- Bellmont
4 #2 Dakota Thacker, Bloomington South Brian Wagner- New Palestine
5 Ryan Jankowski, South Bend St. Joseph Dakota Thacker- Bloomington South
6 #10 Katrell Moss, Warren Central Ryan Jankowski- South Bend St. Joes
7 #5 Brian Wagner, New Palestine Katrell Moss- Warren Central
8 #20 Exvonte Jones, Portage Connor Ludwig- Brownsburg

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Hurford, it’s: Masengale-Perry’s senior is a returning state runner-up and two-time qualifier. He’s had just a couple of lapses this season, but is capable of beating Hurford or anyone else at the weight.

Darkhorse(s): Busse-The returning 7th place finisher owns a win over Thacker and is wrestling at a very high level right now. A potential semis match vs. Masengale should be intense, and Busse could run the table, Thacker-Thacker completes the merry-go-round with Busse and Masengale—he lost to Busse but beat Masengale, and Busse lost to Masengale. Only a junior, Thacker is a pinner and is in the elite level of the weight class.

Upset alert: Jones over #15 Ludwig (Jones has been through a gauntlet of tough opponents, which could serve him well in this opening match), Riley over Busse (Tough Friday night match for both wrestlers, but especially for Riley, who should be ranked…he is no joke), #4 Zorniger over Hurford (state-ranked #4 has the misfortune of drawing state favorite Hurford…or is it Hurford who is unfortunate?), #12 Pfister over Wagner (common opponent Katrell Moss…both lost close matches), Jankowski over #18 Chambers (overlooked Jankowski was a strong second at Merrillville semi-state and looks to keep it rolling over the Edgewood junior)

Inside Y2’s Mind
Why: At 182lbs you are looking at a two horse race right now between the returning state runner-up at 170lbs and the returning 5th place finisher in this weight. Masengale has had a couple hiccups this year, but is battle tested throughout the season. Hurford has been rarely tested this year which could be a factor later into the day on Saturday. Dakota Thacker is also one to watch as he owns a win over Masengale and will look to avenge a Friday night loss to Hurford from last year.

Bracket Busters:

Ryan Jankowski- He has flown under the radar all season long and has had a very strong tournament series.

Brad Busse- As with Mater Dei, Bellmont has a tradition of pulling upsets. With this being their only state qualifier look for their coaching staff to have him primed for a spot under the lights.


Karl’s Komments

Perry Meridian’s Jake Masengale wrestled under the lights last year and lost a narrow decision to Sean Mappes of Center Grove. He overcame a hiccup at regional to top the field at New Castle. On the other side of the bracket looms Culver Community’s unbeaten Matt Hurford. Hurford must survive a brutal quarter bracket that includes Avon’s Jonah Zorniger and Warren Central’s Katrell Moss. Bloomington South’s Dakota Thacker and Bellmont’s Brad Busse also are in this class and both have experience at Banker’s Life.

Best First Round Match Up – Brian Wagner (38-5) 11 New Palestine vs. Ben Pfister (39-5) 12 Adams Central

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Brad Busse (34-2) 12 Bellmont vs. Ryan Jankowski (38-5) 11 South Bend St. Joseph

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Matt Hurford (44-0) 12 Culver Community vs. Brian Wagner (38-5) 11 New Palestine


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Mitch Sliga- Fishers Mitch Sliga- Fishers
2 Jacob Ricks- Benton Central Jacob Ricks- Benton Central
3 Clayton Fiddler- Bloomington South Mason Nickel- Roncalli
4 Mason Nickel- Roncalli Clayton Fiddler- Bloomington South
5 Ryan Patterson- Lowell Kalob Salkill- South Spencer
6 Kalob Salkill- South Spencer Kyle Garringer- Jay County
7 Jaylin Allen- South Bend Clay Jaylin Allen- South Bend Clay
8 Justin Beruman- Delphi Justin Beruman- Delphi
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Mitch Sliga, Fisher Mitch Sliga- Fishers
2 #8 Jacob Ricks, Benton Central Mason Nickel- Roncalli
3 #2 Clayton Fiddler, Bloomington South Jacob Ricks- Benton Central
4 #7 Mason Nickell, Roncalli Clayton Fiddler- Bloomington South
5 #6 Jaylin Allen, South Bend Clay Joseph Ross- Northfield
6 #4 Kyle Garringer, Jay County Kyle Garringer- Jay County
7 #19 Kalob Salkill, South Spencer Kalob Salkill- South Spencer
8 Justin Berumen, Pioneer Justin Beruman- Delphi

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Sliga, it’s: Fiddler-It’s just not going to happen. Sliga is a mortal lock.

Darkhorse(s): Nickell-The Roncalli senior has a nasty streak. He looks a little smaller than some of his opponents, but he is very quick and aggressive. Wrestling a tough slate of opponents, he had some huge wins this season. He looked a little nicked up at semi-state, so his health could be an issue.

Upset alert: #9 Ross over Allen (This is a slightly unusual situation, as Ross is a semi-state champ ranked lower than semi-state fourth place finisher Allen. The returning state qualifier Allen has wrestled a pretty tough schedule), Salkill over #17 Webster (This would be a very minor upset—in reality, this is probably a pick’em), #5 Perdue over Fiddler (#5 vs. #2 in an opening round match! Perdue had a rough semi-state, but he is extremely dangerous and could pull the upset over the returning state placer), #20 Patterson over Garringer (#20 advanced out of a wacky Merrillville semi-state and could spring a surprise for #4 Garringer, who was upset at semi-state), Ricks over Nickell (potential semifinal match, they met earlier this year, with Nickell winning 4-2)


Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: Sliga, Sliga and more Sliga, that will be the tune at 195lbs this year. As with Micic at 113, he is about as close to a lock as you will get this year. He will have to fend off foes from every angle, but this future Northwestern Wildcat will be ready. Look for the top bracket to be highly competitive with Joseph Ross, Jacob Ricks and Kalob Salkill all coming in with only one loss.

Bracket Busters:

Kalob Salkill- He is a relative unknown that comes in with only one blemish on his record.

Clayton Fiddler- He is a well coached athlete that will be one that can give Sliga a good run in the semi-finals.

Jaylin Allen- Last year he was injured the week of state, if he is healthy he could make a run as a four seed.


Karl’s Komments

What more can be said about My man Mitch Sliga. Sliga has finished 3rd twice at the 189 pound weight class and was champion last year at 195. Rarely has Indiana seen such a skilled takedown artist at this high a weight class. Chasing Sliga for a chance at history will be Roncalli’s Mason Nickell, Benton Central’s manimal Jacob Ricks, and Bloomington South’s talented Clayton Fiddler.

Best First Round Match Up – Joe Ross (36-1) 12 Northfield vs. Jaylin Allen (42-7) 12 South Bend Clay

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Jacob Ricks (46-1) 12 Benton Central vs. Kalob Salkill (47-1) South Spencer

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Clayton Fiddler (44-0) 12 Bloomington South vs. Mitch Sliga (45-0) 12 Fishers


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Gelen Robinson- Lake Central Gelen Robinson- Lake Central
2 Conner Tolley- Franklin community Conner Tolley- Franklin community
3 Jared Boehm- Heritage Hills Maxiliano Hernandez- Warren Central
4 Myron Hamilton – Lawrence Central Fletcher Miller- Kokomo
5 Dylan Jones- Avon Alex Lindeman- Milan
6 Fletcher Miller- Kokomo Dylan Jones- Avon
7 Maxiliano Hernandez- Warren Central Jared Boehm- Heritage Hills
8 Seth Meyers- Harrison(WL) Myron Hamilton – Lawrence Central
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Gelen Robinson, Lake Central Gelen Robinson- Lake Central
2 #5 Fletcher Miller, Kokomo Conner Tolley- Franklin community
3 #4 Maximiliano Hernandez, Warren Central Jared Boehm- Heritage Hills
4 #6 Conner Tolley, Franklin Community Fletcher Miller- Kokomo
5 #3 Dylan Jones, Avon Dylan Jones- Avon
6 #8 Myron Hamilton, Lawrence Central Alex Lindeman- Milan
7 #2 Jared Boehm, Heritage Hills Maxiliano Hernandez- Warren Central
8 #19 Alex Lindemann, Milan Myron Hamilton – Lawrence Central

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Robinson, it’s: Hernandez-Warren Central’s battle-tested junior has been elite the entire season, and avenged a regionals loss by winning semi-state in impressive fashion, Miller-You can’t do much better than 47-0, and Miller won a semi-state title over a solid field, Boehm-The returning 8th place finisher is ranked 2nd in the state, but suffered a setback at semi-state. He is lurking in the weeds. However, realistically, Robinson has been a cut above all year and is a prohibitive favorite.

Darkhorse(s): Tolley-The Franklin Community junior has had some fairly impressive national freestyle results and won a very deep and tough semi-state. He may be peaking, meaning he could make a run to the final match under the lights, Jones-The returning 6th place finisher has only one loss all year, which he received at semi-state. Three of the top 6 in the state are from the Evansville semi-state.

Upset alert: #17 Nicodemus over Jones (The Churubusco senior is a returning state qualifier and suffered his only loss all season at semi-state)


Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: The talk of this weight class all year long has been this fella they call Gelen. As a freshman he had hype as his dad was an NBA All-Star and yet he choose to wrestle in high school. He is the favorite, but the 220(former 215) weight class you always have a few wrestlers that take everyone by surprise. Look no further than the mighty Conner Tolley of Franklin. This spring and summer he went on a tear claiming All-American honors five times. You also have some very tough wrestlers in Dylan Jones, Fletcher Miller and Jared Boehm that can make things interesting in this weight class.

Bracket Busters:

Jared Boehm- He placed 8th last year at this weight and with that experience he could make quite a splash this weekend.

Dylan Jones- He placed 5th at 195lbs last season. With the move in weight he only has one loss on the year. His quarter-final match with Robinson is one to watch.

Fletcher Miller- This Wildkat comes in with an unblemished record and a big question mark of how good he really is. We will find out this weekend.

Karl’s Komments

The Big Chief from Lake Central is a clear favorite at 220. If Gelen Robinson had not lost a controversial decision in the semifinals last year, we might be looking at a back-to-back champion. Franklin’s big Conner Tolley surprised some bigger names to take the semi-state crown in Evansville.

Warren Central’s Max Hernandez and Kokomo’s Fletcher Miller are in the bracket as semi-state champs. Avon’s Dylan Jones placed sixth last year but got the unfortunate draw of being in Robinson’s quarter bracket. Heritage Hills’ big man, Jared Boehm, also returns to Banker’s Life, looking to improve on last years eighth place finish.

Best First Round Match Up – Jason Nicodemus (28-1) 12 Churubusco vs. Dylan Jones (34-1) 12 Avon

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Max Hernandez (37-1) 11 Warren Central vs. Jared Boehm (47-1) 12 Heritage Hills

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Conner Tolley (38-3) 11 Franklin vs. Fletcher Miller (47-0) 11 Kokomo


Mike’s Cold Hard Locks Joe’s Fort Wayne Flavor
1 Donte Winfield – Perry Meridian Donte Winfield – Perry Meridian
2 Wesley Bernard- Indianapolis Cathedral Wesley Bernard- Indianapolis Cathedral
3 Eric Hemmelgarn- Jay county Eric Hemmelgarn- Jay county
4 Norman Oglesby- Ben Davis Norman Oglesby- Ben Davis
5 Shawn Streck- Merrillville Shakir Carr- South Bend Clay
6 Shakir Carr- South Bend Clay Shawn Streck- Merrillville
7 Josh Bartozsek- Hanover Central Matt Beard- Eastside
8 Austin Little – North Posey Austin Little- North Posey
Dingo’s 8-Pack Karl’s Elite 8
1 #1 Donte Winfield, Perry Meridian Donte Winfield – Perry Meridian
2 #2 Wesley Bernard, Cathedral Norman Oglesby- Ben Davis
3 #5 Eric Hemmelgarn, Jay County Eric Hemmelgarn- Jay county
4 #11 Matt Beard, Eastside Wesley Bernard- Indianapolis Cathedral
5 #9 Shawn Streck, Merrillville Shawn Streck- Merrillville
6 #6 Shakir Carr, South Bend Clay Shakir Carr- South Bend Clay
7 #17 Norman Oglesby, Ben Davis Matt Beard- Eastside
8 Dakota Ramey, North Montgomery Dakota Ramey- North Montgomery

Dingo’s Breakdown

If it’s not Winfield, it’s: Bernard-Flip a coin between the two nationally ranked heavies. They are incredibly closely matched, and have faced each other many times. It would be very fitting for their final matchup to take place under the lights. This could be the closest, best final match of them all, if it shakes out.

Darkhorse(s): Hemmelgarn-The returning 3rd place finisher pinned Winfield on Friday night last year. He is a big boy and is also nationally ranked in some publications. He could improve his placement with a big semifinal win over Winfield, Streck-The Merrillville big fella is only a freshman, and this should be the first of several successful weekends in Indianapolis.

Upset alert: #12 Ponder over Winfield (Center Grove’s returning state qualifier is pretty nimble for a man of his size. He has been able to hang with some of the state’s best big men), Ramey over #13 Little (Ramey has impressed during his postseason run. He advanced out of a semi-state that sent the #3, #10 and #16 heavies home), #7 Jolley-Little over Bernard (Jolley-Little has had some national success, in addition to the impressive junior season he had this year), #20 DeMuyt over Carr (Carr is a little erratic; very dangerous when he’s on, a little vulnerable when he’s not), Streck over Winfield (potential quarterfinals match, can the man-child pull a Dexter Larimore and make a strong run as a youngster?), Hemmelgarn over Winfield (potential semifinals match, can lightning strike twice? Everyone wants to take down the Fargo Freestyle runner-up), Carr over Bernard (potential quarterfinals match, Bernard is a tough, skilled heavy, but strange things happen with the big boys)


Inside Y2’s Mind

Why: The big boys will round out the wrestling on Saturday night and they might just save the fireworks for them. The rivalry between Wesley Bernard and Donte Winfield is going strong with Bernard holding a 2-1 advantage this season. Will Winfield be able to even it out and get the most important win? Winfield will not have an easy go as he could face Eric Hemmelgarn in the semi-finals who took him out last year on Friday night. Bernard will be pushed by Shakir Carr and Stormin’ Norman Oglesby in his half of the bracket.

Bracket Busters:

Norman Oglesby- This super sophomore shocked the Evansville semi-state by capturing the title last week. He looks to continue on his hot streak and break your bracket this week.

Matt Beard- Not many people even know where Eastside is and this young lad could just pull a couple upsets this weekend.

Shakir Carr- He has the tools to go toe to toe with any heavyweight in the state. Don’t be shocked if he makes a deep run on Saturday.

Karl’s Komments

The Big Show at 285 has most prognosticators anticipating a match up between Perry Meridian’s Donte Winfield and Cathedral’s Wesley Bernard. The 285 class, however, is one of the most difficult to predict as most matches are tight, low scoring battles. Winfield will have to get by Merrillville’s talented freshman, Shawn Streck in the quarterfinals and Bernard will most likely have a tough go with South Bend Clay’s behemoth, Shakir Carr. Last year’s third place medalist, Eric Hemmelgarn, who beat Winfield Friday night a year ago, awaits in the semis for Winfield. Bernard will possibly have to deal with Ben Davis upstart, Norman Oglesby, to reach the finals.

Best First Round Match Up – Josh Bartoszek (40-4) 12 Hanover Central vs. Matt Beard (41-1) 12 Eastside

Best Quarterfinal Clash – Wesley Bernard (45-1) 11 Cathedral vs. Shakir Carr (44-3) 12 South Bend Clay

Sensational Semifinal Slugfest – Donte Winfield (37-2) 12 Perry Meridian vs. Eric Hemmelgarn (44-1) 11 Jay County